Bucharest, the city with the worst traffic in Europe, survey says

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Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has the worst traffic in Europe, with a score of 50%, a massive 7-point increase from the year before, according to a recent traffic index by TomTom.

The navigation and mapping company, has ranked 15 European cities known as having the worst traffic. The company collected data over nine years and gave each city a congestion score out of 100. The annual score, most recently updated with 2016 data, shows how much extra travel time it takes to get around a particular city.

Traffic congestion statistics for Bucharest based on TomTom’s historical database for 2016. The index points out that the most congested day in 2016 was December 5.

According to the ranking, the extra travel time in Bucharest is 57 minutes per day and 218 hours per year. Traffic jam is at its peak in the morning (90%), but mostly in the evening (98%).

To see the rest of the ranking, click here.

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