Bucharest traffic management system, broken down. The head of the streets’ administration resigns


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The general manager of the Streets Administration, Alina Roman resigned on Wednesday amid scandal on the traffic management system in Bucharest, which is not functional for several months.

The interim Bucharest Mayor accepted the resignation, also convening traffic management experts to find a solution, after the media informed on the breakdown.

The traffic management system in Bucharest has stopped working due to some cables that have been accidentally cut off following some works conducted between Sudului Square and Victoriei Square, stirileprotv informed. The problem could not be fixed failing the maintenance contract, as the old contract ended and has never been replaced by a new one.

The system has been set up since 2007 up to 2009 and was also functional until 2014, with interruption. The traffic monitoring devices have been placed at 240 crossroads in the Capital, with antennas, video cameras and transmitters connected to the traffic lights.

At the same time, sensors have been fitted in the asphalt, at a distance of 50, 20, 10 meters from the crossroad. When a vehicle is slowing down on the distance between sensors, it’s a sign of traffic jam and the traffic controller must Ok the green light to relieve the traffic.

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