Bucharesters wake up earlier than other Europeans, study reveals

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Three quarters of Bucharesters wake up at 7:00 or even earlier compared to other Europeans, reads a “Life at Home Report” study conducted by IKEA. Nine out of ten Bucharest locals are getting ready for morning the previous night, with 64 percent having a shower in the evening, while 20 percent consider morning the most stressful time of the day.

Despite being early persons, 69 percent of Bucharesters admitted they have to push the alarm clock’s snooze button at least once to wake up. They also revealed that they are mostly stressed with the next day’s awakening, as well with the thought they might not hear the alarm.

In Bucharest case, the time between awakening and going for work is one hour and 21 minutes, less than the average time in other cities included in the survey (one hour and 37 minutes). 13 minutes are spent for arranging (women need more for that- 16 minutes, while the men need only 11 minutes). They also need 6 minutes to get dressed. The survey reveals that 64 percent of women in Bucharest use make up and two out of three Bucharesters set their hair.

Four out of ten Bucharest citizens feel they are very creative in the morning, shortly after they wake up and this is the most increased percent in Europe.

More than half think that it is important to take some time, regularly a few minutes, to reflect upon the day ahead them, but only 15 percent actually do this.

When they are working home, 45 percent do it in the study, 27 percent work at the kitchen table, 26 percent in the bed and 13 percent in the bathroom.

As for breakfast, 51 pc of the Bucharesteres are having breakfast at home during the week, which is less than in other European capitals where the average is 62 percent. 41 percent of the persons living in the Romanian capital are using phones, tablets, computers while having breakfast and 37 percent are watching TV.

Regarding the time spent with the family in the morning, 45 percent of the Bucharest residents used to kiss and hug his/her partner in the morning. At the same time, 82 percent of the Bucharest parents think it is important to kiss and hug their children in the morning, but only 41 percent are actually do that, while a small percentage, 9 percent, manage to play with children in the morning.

IKEA explained the reasons for this study. “We are interested in the way that people spend their time at home as we want to get information to help us offer solutions for a better day-to-day life,” Mikael Ydholm, research manager IKEA Group told at the report launching.


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