Bulgaria lifts restrictions for Romanian tourists till the end of the summer season

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Romanian tourists will be able to go to Bulgaria only with their identity card or passport until the end of the season, regardless of the epidemiological situation, the neighbors across the Danube removing any restrictions for Romanians, according to a statement issued by tour operator Travel Planner.

On July 16, the Bulgarian government announced a series of changes regarding the access of foreigners to the territory of the neighboring country, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The good news is that Romanian tourists will be required only their identity card or passport by the end of the season, regardless of the epidemiological situation “, according to the tour operator Travel Planner.

As provided by the official order, “countries with which the Republic of Bulgaria has reached a mutual agreement for the free movement of citizens and persons with long-term permanent residence and members of their families upon arrival in the other country: Romania“. As the draft law emphasizes, Romania is the only country for which an exception is made.

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