Businessman George Copos, prosecuted for plagiarism

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Businessman George Copos, backer or Rapid football team is prosecuted for plagiarism. The Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court started the criminal prosecution against Copos for copyright and forgery charges.

Prosecutors inform their case refers to the “Marital alliances in the politics of the Romanian rulers in Tara Romaneasca and Moldavia in the 14th -16th centuries” scientific paper, written by Copos during his jail time and by which he managed to cut his prison sentence by 30 days.

Copos signed a commitment on September 10, 2014 pledging that he hasn’t plundered.

Subsequently, on September 29, 2014 when Copos’ paper was published, “he copied another author’s work and presented it as his own intellectual creation”, prosecutors say. On the same day, Copos asked the prison’s management to shorten his prison time by 30 days based on the paper allegedly written by him.

Early this year, the Ethics committee of the Bucharest University reviewing one of the books written by businessman George Copos, “Marital alliances in the politics of the Romanian rulers in Tara Romaneasca and Moldavia in the 14th -16th centuries”, said that the work is ‘a type of plagiarism, made through disguised copying and recounting.”

“It’s not a classical copy-paste issue, but we are talking about a professional author, who made a lot of unacceptable paraphrasing from academician Catalin Parfene’s dissertation thesis,” the president of the university ethics committee, Marian Popescu said.

He explained that George Copos couldn’t have made this type of work and thus, he couldn’t be credited as author, arguing that the businessman had no antecedents in writing scientific works, had no study conditions in prison, while his documentation ends in 2005, the year when Parfene took his dissertation.

According to Popescu, the type of plagiarism met in Copos’ work is generically called a “mosaic-like plagiarism.”

On March 4, 2014, George Copos, a Romanian wealthy businessman, was sentenced to 3 years and 8 months in prison in the Transfers file and on August 25 the same year, he was sentenced to other 4 years in jail for tax evasion in the Lottery file. After the sentence merger, Copos had to stay behind bars for 4 years. Yet, in April last year, he was set free, after serving a third of his prison sentence. The judges’ arguments: Copos toed the scratch and showed ‘solid signs of retrieval.” Moreover, he produced five scientific works that cut his jail time by 150 days.

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