Canada lifts visas for Romanians who will not stay for more than six months there, but…


The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) announced that starting December 1, the Canadian authorities will lift visas for Romanians who will travel to Canada for tourist purposes and whose stays will not get beyond six months, regardless of the type of the passport. The visa lifting goes for the tourist journeys, for the visits paid to the family and friends or for business purpose.

However, MAE underlines that Romanians will still need to have an Electronic Travel Authorization – eTA in the cases of trips by plane, which is available only at 

The electronic traveling authorization (eTA) will be valid for five years (or, depending on the case, will remain valid until the passports itself expires).

“The liberalization of the visa regime for the Romanian citizens who want to travel to Canada represents the materialization of the Romanian authorities’ sustained efforts over the past years upon the Canadian authorities, both at bilateral level and also at trilateral format, with the endorsement of the European Commission. The Canadian authorities’ decision represent the final stage of the liberalization visa regime, started on May 1st , when certain categories of Romanian citizens received the go-ahead to benefit of this regime (the ones who already held a temporary residence visa obtained in the past 10 years or a valid non-immigrant visa for the USA),” reads MAE press release.

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