Canada to send four CF-18 fighters, 135 military to Romania

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The Canadian Armed Forces (FAC) will send about 135 military and four CF-18 Hornet fighters of the Canadian Royal Air force to Constanta, Romania in order to take part in NATO air police activities during September-December 2017, news website informs.

This mission is part of the REASSURANCE operation and represents Canada’s contribution to NATO assurance and deterrence activities. The Air Operational Force (FOA) in Romania will strengthen the capacity of the Romanian Air Force to maintain the airspace integrity.

General Lieutenant Steve Bowes, commander of the FAC Inter-Operations Command said, according to the source, that the Canadian Armed Forces are committed to the Alliance’s collective defence principle, which is the focus of NATO’s founding treaty. Canadian military are well-trained and determined to contribute to the consolidated NATO Air surveillance activities that ensure the integrity of the allies.

In turn, Lt. Col. Mark Hickey, the commander of the Air Operational Force in Romania, said that the Air Operational Force in Romania is proud to participate in collective defence activities that support the consolidated activities of the NATO air force.

The consolidated NATO air police activities are a peacetime collective defence mission to protect the integrity of the Alliance’s airspace. The FAC supports this mission by rotation with other NATO allies in the REASSURANCE operation since May 2014.

FAC deployed an FOA in Romania for the first time under the REASSURANCE operation during April-August 2014 at the 71 Air Force Base of the Romanian Air Force in Câmpia Turzii.

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