Caracal case: The mystery of missing girl’s presence on WhatsApp group

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A disturbing information has been revealed in the Caracal case, after last night around 1 a.m., an activity was reported on the mobile phone number of Luiza Melencu, the 18yo girl gone missing since April, allegedly killed by Gheorghe Dinca.

One of Luzia’s colleagues announced that Luiza’s number appeared as online on their class’ WhatsApp group. She even called Luiza, but found out her phone was off and she soon “quit” the WhatsApp group.

Gheorghe Dinca has claimed he had killed Luiza Melencu in April soon after he had kidnapped her and had thrown her remains in a forest near the house.

Luiza Melencu’s mother received a phone call this morning from a one of her daughter’s schoolmates who noticed that Luiza had appeared as online on the class WhatsApp group shortly after midnight. Later on, Luiza “quit” the WhatsApp group. The school friend called Luiza’s phone number right away but the phone was off.

The girl took some print screen shots.


The mother alerted the Police.

Luiza’s phone has not been found by the investigators yet. Her colleague who called me said Luiza could not have quit the WhatsApp group unless she used the phone”, Monica Melencu said, who voiced hope her daughter is still alive.

Luiza’s mother also said the Police had told her they will check the information, precisely if someone had used Luiza’s phone card or if the number had been automatically disabled from the class WhatsApp group for it had not been used for a long time.

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