Cardiologist dies in Sibiu potentially of burnout

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A 54-year-old cardiologist who used to be on call at the County Emergency Hospital in Sibiu has died during a trip on Sunday. “How many doctors do you want to join the mortuary convoy?“, a doctor asked in a call to rulers.

The doctor died after having a heart attack during a bike trip Păltiniş mountain resort. Doctors, paramedics and mountain rescuers were deployed on the scene to save the cardiologist, and even a SMURD helicopter was called. Unfortunately, he could not be saved.

Doctor Catalin Balan, a cardiologist, was known in Sibiu. The doctor used to be on call frequently at the Sibiu Emergency Hospital and he was supposed to be on a 24-hour call on Monday.

How many doctors do you want to see joining the mortuary convoy?” a female doctor, one of the dead doctor’s colleagues asked in a message to the rulers, reminding that another young doctor died eight days ago also because of burnout.

Doctors are asking that calls to be recognised as seniority.

I cannot believe it…another colleague of ours, cardiologist, has died, aged 54, in Sibiu! RIP, doctor Catalin Balan”, has posted on Facebook doctor Livia David, the one who, in October 2018, made a list of 43 doctors who died while on call in hospitals or immediately after.

Does no bell of reason ring to you, decision makers? Nothing usual to you? If you forgot, let me help you. He is the second doctor on calls in Romania, who died in the past 8 days! How does it sound to you, ministers, MPs? Does the Doctors’ College have an opinion whatsoever? I am shocked thinking that my husband is also a cardiologist, also aged 54, also on calls. Should I expect the worst? For there is a legislative gap that we have been asking for 8 months for someone to fill in. The Parliament, the minister of Labour told us to wait for another 2 weeks, to find a solution! Normally, the deadline is a reasonable one, just that for us, who are always on calls, time has a totally different dimension, unfortunately, the one of death! The death toll has already reached alarming levels! Too many, too young, too innocent! Save them by a NGO, anything…but stop these calamities!,” Livia David, from Craiova, stated.

A week ago, doctor Stefan Quai from Bihor died while on call.

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