Carmen Iohannis, President’s wife, subpoenaed to the General Prosecutor’s Office for the second time


President Klaus Iohannis’ wife, Carmen Iohannis has been subpoenaed again by the General Prosecutor’s Office in the file related to the acquisition of two houses in Sibiu, after she had missed the first summons on November 15. This time, Carmen Iohannis is subpoenaed for December 10.

Carmen Iohannis announced she would not be able to go for the hearings on November 15. Later on, President Iohannis announced his wife will not go to the Prosecutor’s Office on that day as they would be in an official visit to London.

The file has been opened by the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice following a complaint filed against a notary in Sibiu, Radu Gabriel Bucsa and against Iohannis couple, Carmen and Klaus Iohannis. The case is related to the actions taken by the presidential pair had acquired two houses downtown Sibiu starting 1999. The buildings were in the state property and were managed by the Sibiu City Hall, which was led by Klaus Iohannis during 2000-2014.

The complaint mentions that, following the rent cashed in from one building, Iohannis and his wife had obtained EUR 320,000 until a court in Brasov cancelled the real estate document on the house as well as the inheritance papers based on which the house had been taken over from the state’s patrimony.

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