Carrefour donates EUR 200,000 to the Romanian Red Cross to buy medical equipment for hospitals


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Carrefour Romania and Carrefour Foundation are donating EUR 200,000 to the Romanian Red Cross, with the money being used to buy medical equipment for the hospitals that are in the front line in the fight against COVID-19.

On the list of hospitals to receive the equipment, upon the Health Ministry recommendation, there are the Infectious Disease Hospital in Constanta, “Victor Babes” Clinical Hospitals for Infectious Diseases in Craiova and Timisoara.

“We are grateful to the entire business environment that has reacted so promptly to the country’s needs in this state of emergency. It is a crucial moment when all efforts from those coming to endorse us are finding an echo in a solidarity movement that has a positive impact on diminishing the effects of this medical crisis”, said Health minister, Nelu Tătaru.

Our actions, of the business environment and of the civil society, are far from being concluded. We remain next to the medical staff and thank them for the responsibility with which they treat the patients day by day. The contribution of each of us is essential in the upcoming period and every won battle is important until we get over this crisis. Cohesion among various entities is extremely needed at this point and it is good to know that we can count on each other,” said Anca Damour, Executive Board Member, Carrefour Romania.

In his turn, Silviu Lefter, general manager of Red Cross Romania said that his institution “is grateful for the confidence of its partners in these difficult times”.

Among the medical equipment to reach hospitals there are disinfectants, protective gloves, facemasks and coveralls, protection for shoes, medical visors and protection glasses.

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