CCR rejects USR referral: PSD proposals Gheorghe Stan and Cristian Deliorga to take over constitutional judges’ seats

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The Constitutional Court (CCR) has rejected the Save Romania Union (USR) regarding the invalidation of the appointments of Gheorghe Stan, chef of the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates (SIIJ) and of former Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Vice-president Cristian Deliorga in the positions of constitutional judges. The two are proposals filed by the Social-Democratic Party (PSD).

At mid-May, the USR notified CCR on the appointment of the two magistrates, reports.

USR argues that Gheorghe Stan USR is incompatible, but also the lack of professionalism, adding that he did not file his resignation from SIIJ after his appointment with CCR and completed further procedural acts.

About Cristian Deliorga, USR said he is also incompatible, as he did not resign before his appointment with CCR was published by the Official Gazette.


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