CEC Bank starts losing clients after rescinding contract with Papaya advertising agency over anti-gov’t protest turnout

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After more companies had decided to stop working on Wednesday during the no confidence vote in Parliament, or to allow their employees to attend the protests staged in front of the Parliament building , the first effects appeared.

After ten years of collaboration, CEC Bank has informed on Tuesday that it would rescind the contract with the Papaya advertising agency, after the agency had been among the first to announce that  its employees have a day off on Wednesday „to protest”.

There is no ground for the contract termination in the notification. We can guess the reason, as many people could imagine, that it has to do with our post on Tuesday,” the head of Papaya agency, Robert Tiderle told Paginademedia.

He underlined though they would request for CEC Bank’s explanations, also adding they don’t regret the post and the decision to give the staff a day-off.

Papaya posted a new message on Facebook, thanking CEC Bank for the ten-year collaboration „even for the year when they worked pro-bono”.

If we have made any professional mistakes and the cause of the termination is that we keep our backbone vertical, we therefore announce this action won’t change anything. We are free, not only free from any contract. We are free for we decided to be that way,” reads the agency’s post.

We believe the right for a free speech is more important than any budget,” added Robert Tiderle.

Papaya Advertising worked for CEC Bank since 2007. CEC Bank is the largest state-owned bank in Romania, with the Finance Ministry is the biggest share holder.

However, reactions against the bank have also emerged, as more clients of the bank announced they had closed the accounts at CEC while others were in the process. The CEC Bank Facebook page has been under siege by the discontent clients announcing they will close their accounts. One customer has even posted an image with his CEC Bank card cut next to the brief message: „Good bye”.

Another client said: “I am closing the savings account! The bank must be commercial not….political.” “Gentlemen, you are pathetic! Tomorrow I will join your hundreds clients closing down their accounts“, another one announced.

People have also slammed the fact that many of the negative messages posted on Facebook were vanishing, a sign that they were being deleted. “At least are you paying the social media man overtime? My friend, nobody has anything with you, we are on the same side“, another person commented.

The appeal for employers to give their employees a day-off to protest during the debates and voting procedure of the censure motion has been launched by the Save Romania Union (USR) from Opposition, that has also signed the motion. More companies, among whom Papaya agency or Humanitas publishing house have announced they are allowing employees to take a day off for protests.

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