Central bank governor denies alleged informative notes to Securitate. CNSAS cannot check him again

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The central bank governor Mugur Isarescu denies information released by a local newspaper that he would have given informative notes about colleagues and diplomats to the Securitate, the communist secret police, before 1989.

According to Romania Libera newspaper, which also presents facsimile documents, Mugur Isarescu would have written informative notes while he was employee of the World Economy Institute, with the notes referring to foreign researchers and diplomats based in Bucharest back then and who were suspected of being foreign agents. Journalists from RL also claim that Isarescu, whose code name was Manole, would have given notes about his colleagues from the World Economy Institute, including about Eugen Dijmarescu, former economy minister and deputy central bank governor and Ioan Mircea Pascu, politician, currently MEP and vice-president of the European Parliament.

In retort, Isarescu told a recent interview to Jurnalul National that such insinuations are just mere episodes of some people’s efforts to accuse him at all costs, adding that such allegations have been done in the past as well, they have been all checked and a clear decision has been made.

He explained that the World Economy Institute had a special statute at that time and that’s why its employees who left abroad used to write references to one another as mutual guarantees and sometimes, their initials were put on important documents that sometimes also got to former communist ruler Nicolae Ceausescu.

Mugur Isarescu received a non-collaboration verdict in 2000, but since than more documents of the former Securitate secret police have been brought to the National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives (CNSAS). Yet, the CNSAS law doesn’t allow new checking on the people in public offices, which also includes the National Bank governor.

CNSAS informed that it cannot check if Isarescu has collaborated or not with Securitate, arguing the law has been amended in 2008. A new check is possible only at request.

CNAS also mentioned that the new documents consulted by the RL journalists “have been transferred to its archives after the emergency ordinance no 24/2008 came into force”.

So, according to this GEO, to check again persons for whom CNSAS had already given a non-collaboration verdict is not possible anymore provided that certain conditions are met: if new documents and information are released on the person’s statute of Securitate officer or collaborator, for which a previous non-collaboration decision had been released before the GEO, if that person is part of the people previously checked ex officio.

The Councils says that Isarescu’s statute, of BNR governor and member of the Romanian Academy, requests that he is checked again at request.

Isarescu-the longest-lived central bank governor in the world

According to World Records Academy, Mugur Isarescu is the longest-lived central bank governor in the world, with his mandate at the BNR’s helm counting 27 years.

His term as Romanian central bank governor began in September 1990 and is still ongoing. The only cut-off was during September 1999-November 2000, when he was prime minister.

Accoridng to his wealth statement in 2015, his net income as BNR governor was RON 1,144,069, which means a monthly income of RON 95,339.


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