CFR director resigns…. after being dismissed

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Marius Chiper, the general director of the CFR National Railway Company, has announced his resignation on Tuesday shortly after the new Transports minister had already announced the director would be dismissed, arguing the trains are constantly late due to the lack of the organization in the company.

On Monday, the new Transports minister had dismissed the director of the Bucharest Railway and the head of the Bucharest North Station.

The Transports Ministry released a press release announcing the minister decided to sack the CFR interim general director. Shortly after that, the CFR Company announced that interim director Marius Chiper had resigned “over personal reasons”.

“The Transports minister came to Deva on Tuesday travelling by the interregio train Constanta-Arad, which had an hour delay. Subsequently, the minister has decided to dismiss the CFR director, for he says, there is no valid reason for such a long delay, especially that the railway section had been rehabilitated and benefitted of considerable investments,” the ministry says.

“We don’t order resignations to make room for others. The past days, also following a train ride and an unexpected visit to the North Station the head of the Bucharest Railway and the head of the North Station. We cannot tolerate the lack of respect for the citizens. Tolerance is zero in such cases,” the Transports minister Felix Stroe explained his decision.

As for CFR interim manager Marius Chiper, the minister explained that the train delays are not determined by the old rolling stock. “I cannot understand how, for instance, on the Bucharest-Constanta railway, where hundreds of millions of euros have been invested to be revamped and which is the most modern railway in Romania, in a fine day, with 20C, the train is several minutes late,” minister Felix Stroe argued.

According to the ministry’s explanations, the resignation came after the activity report pointed to the weak administration of the railway network, the unjustified train delays and the fact that passengers are not announced about the delays in due time.

“The railway must be revitalized. I won’t tolerate unjustified delays, the weak management of the CFR infrastructure and the lack of respect for the passengers. I want the decision to replace the leadership of the CFR to be a first signal that things cannot continue this way. Civil servants are at the service of the citizens and not the opposite,” the minister says.

Marius Marian Chiper has been interim director at CFR since 2015.

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