Chaos on enforcing new restrictions: Authorities skipped the decision on green certificate mandatory in malls and non-essential stores

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Chaos with the new restrictions, after the government’s decision on Monday’s measures did not include the provision on access in malls and other non-essential stores based on COVID green certificate. The National Committee for Emergency Situations met again on Monday morning to introduce the new restrictions in the normative act.

In a press conference at 13:00hrs, state secretary on emergency situations, Raed Arafat explained that there had been some legal confusions in the initial government resolution, yet underlining that the vaccination green certificate is MANDATORY in shopping centers and non-essential stores.

“Today the government resolution in restrictions has been clarified trough a new resolution. As for commercial centers, you’ll not find the word “mall” in the government resolution as legally there is no such word in the legislation. The situation was clarified, so the green certificate is mandatory upon entrance in malls/shopping centers. The green certificate is also mandatory in the food stores inside shopping centers,” Arafat explained.

Talking about access in public and private institutions, the official said that some exceptions had been stipulated. “For instance, for pensioners who must pick up their pension, people who must pick up social welfare and child allowances. There are also exceptions in courts. Other than those, the COVID vaccination certificate is compulsory for going to public and private institutions where there are more than 50 people working,” he added.

The resolution was revised also in terms of the private schools and kindergartens, as there was some misunderstanding in this regard as well. Raed Arafat said that the Gov’t has adopted a new resolution through which the physical classes in private schools and kindergartens are suspended for two weeks, thus clarifying “the legal irregularities” in the previous resolution that let the private educational system outside the stipulations.

Education minister Sorin Cimpeanu said on Sunday that there is no legal ground to impose a vacation in the private education system and that the resolution must be amended, otherwise there will a discrimination between the pre-schoolers and pupils from the public system and the private one, with some in vacation and others going to school.


The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted in today’s meeting, October 25, 2021, the decision on establishing additional measures necessary to be applied during the state of alert to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which proposes:

-access to the premises of economic operators whose object of activity is the marketing of non-food products shall be allowed only to persons who have been vaccinated or have passed the disease in the last 180 days, except for pharmaceutical units located outside shopping centers and parks and petrol stations;

-exemption from the measure prohibiting access to the premises of central and local public institutions, autonomous utilities and public operators with public capital, applicable to persons who do not prove vaccination, passing through the disease in the last 180 days or do not show a negative test result RT-PCR or rapid antigen and the following categories:

a) the participants in the administrative procedures carried out for reasons of public order and safety;

b) participants in judicial, disciplinary, misdemeanor or administrative-jurisdictional proceedings;

c) persons in need of access to medical services and social benefits;

d) persons traveling to vaccination centers for the administration of the vaccine.

-exemption from the measure prohibiting access to shopping centers and parks applicable to persons who have not proved vaccination or illness within the last 180 days for:

a) persons traveling to the Community public services operating within them if they show the negative result of an RT-PCR test of a rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection and provide proof of travel for this purpose by presenting a supporting document in letter or electronic format;

b) persons traveling to vaccination centers for the administration of the vaccine.

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