Charlie Hebdor editor-in-chief retorts to criticism against cartoon on Simona Halep: Romanians, like all Europeans, have no sense of humour

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Laurent Sourisseau, aka  Riss, the director and editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, referred to the latest criticism against the cartoon they had released last week about Simona Halep winning the Roland Garros trophy, retorting in his editorial from the latest issue of the French satire magazine that Romanians, like all Europeans, have no sense of humour, after they had got upset with France because of the cartoon taunting Halep.

Riss’ editorial has been translated and posted on his blog by the Romanian  journalist and writer Dan Alexe, who has initially revealed and shared on social media the cartoon on Halep.

Last week, Romania, which though gave us great comedians like the funny Mircea Eliade or jester Cioran  (le poilant Mircea Eliade et le désopilant Cioran) has got upset with France due to a cartoon with the player who had just won the Roland Garros. 61 years after the establishment of the European economic community, we found out in horror that Europeans have no sense of humour. Despite the steel-coal pact, the EAEC ( the European Atomic Energy Community) and despite Schengen space, a fundamental large construction site for the European construction has not been yet launched: the Europe of humour.

As a mitigating circumstance for Romanians I have to say that neither Europe’s founding fathers-— Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, De Gasperi or  Adenauer- were great comedians. After the European single currency, will we ever create one a day a European single humour? Every country is strictly guarding its humour traditions and is not allowing Brussels to regulate them.

Humour, which should bring us closer, becomes a discord factor. Another one in Europe? Who’s going to save it from this humorous shipwreck? Could be the migrants from Aquarius? Why not? (…),” Riss wrote.

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