Checks in Constanta’s Prosecutor’s Office where Adina Florea works to probe into suspected leak of SRI- Prosecutor’s Office protocol


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Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar has announced on Friday that the General Prosecutor’s Office is conducting checks at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeal following suspicion that the protocol between SRI and Prosecutor’s Office recently released by PM’s adviser Darius Valcov would have been leaked from the safety deposit box of the Constanta Prosecutor’s Office.

I can only confirm there is an ongoing investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeal,” said Lazar.

The General Prosecutor’s Office has been notified ex officio and opened a criminal case after PM Dancila’s adviser, Darius Valcov, had published a secret protocol inked between the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

Article 305 of the Criminal Code stipulates: „Negligence which results in the destruction, alteration, loss or unauthorized taking of a document that contains state secret information, as well as the negligence that made another person to find out about those information is punished from three months to one year in prison or with fine”.

The Prosecutor’s Office had previously announced that the secret protocol with SRI, signed in December 2016 has ended its effects on March 13, 2017 and its declassification has kicked off on March 22, 2018.

The Prosecutor’s Office upon Constanta Court of Appeal is where Adina Florea, the prosecutor proposed to run DNA, works. Florea was also first prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Tribunal and deputy general prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeal.

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