Checks in Romania after Beirut explosion: Ammonium nitrate quantity ten times higher stored in Constanta Port


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Almost 26,000 tons of ammonium nitrate are stored in Constanta Port, southeastern Romania, the national Sea Port Administration has announced on Thursday, warning that all operators of dangerous substances must have a security plan approved by the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

26,000 tons means a quantity tens time higher than the one stored in the port in Beirut, of around 2,750 ammonium nitrate, which exploded on August 5 and claimed hundreds of lives and leaving thousands injured and homeless.

The Constanta Sea Port Administration has announced that there are currently 25,952 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in the Port of Constanta and that “this type of merchandise is stored in special warehouses certified by the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.”

According to the above-mentioned sources, 4,908 tons of ammonium nitrate are stored in a certified warehouse at Schenker (Constanța Sud), and they are about to leave for Hungary in the upcoming two weeks. Other 17,521 tones of ammonium nitrate are stored in certified warehouses at Chimpex (northern Constanta Port), while other 3,523 tons are stored at Midia International (the Midia area of the Constanta Port).

The Sea Port Administration also reports that 5 operators are currently carrying out temporary load-download operations for this type of merchandise in Constanta. The administration mentions that all operators handling ammonium nitrate products there are meeting all safety conditions required by ISU, adding that the last ship carrying ammonium nitrate in Constanta Port has been operated on July 17 this year.

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