Serious accusations: Hexi Pharma supplied disinfectants diluted 10 times! Checks at the hospitals

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Serious accusations are brought against the owners of Hexi Pharma, the company which allegedly has got rich in recent years from contracts with the Romanian state. According to ‘Gazeta Sporturilor’ journalists, the company bought active substances for disinfectants through offshore companies in Cyprus, then the prices were hiked by 7 times.

The recipe, finally contracted with the hospitals in Romania, was based on a disinfectant diluted 10 times and by 7 times more expensive. More specifically, the off-shore controlled by the owner of Hexi Pharma bought the active substance for disinfectants for EUR 11/kg and resold it through Hexi Pharma for EUR 73/kg.

The difference remained in the accounts in Cyprus.

Disinfectants were then bottled in the factory in Romania and delivered to hospitals across the country.

The scandal surfaced as the ‘Gazeta Sporturilor’ journalists sent one of the disinfectants for analysis and found that the substance was diluted 10 times. The Ministry of Health has asked for samples from all hospitals to be sent to ICECHIM state laboratories, but also abroad in order to verify the effectiveness of disinfectants.


Checks of disinfectants procurement at the Oncology Institute, hospitals


The Health Minister has ordered on Tuesday a check on procurement of disinfectants at the Oncology Institute of Bucharest, informs the institution in a press release. The Health Ministry investigation will be extended to other hospitals.

The Health Ministry’s control body will check the contracts concluded by the Oncology Institute in Bucharest with the manufacturing company in question but also with other companies that may be related to the investigation in the biocides. The results of the checks will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The Health Ministry is considering expanding the investigation on the procedures for contracting and procurement to other hospitals, according to the press release.

Public Health Departments in the country will announce on Wednesday, in a videoconference, the results of the first self-check tests and of sanitation ordered by the Health Minister on April 28.

The Public Health Department asked last week the Hospital for Burns to communicate what type of Hexi Pharma products are used in this unit and demanded taking samples from the bodies on which they used these products, Dr. Adrian Stanculea said.

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