Chilly and rainy weather this weekend

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Meteorologists have issued weather alert for rains and chill coming into force as of Saturday at 14:00, valid until Sunday night. Water quantities may reach 40 liters per square meter.

There will be thunderstorms, torrential rains on Saturday and Sunday, while the weather will get chiller. Hail and stormwind will also be present.

In the first half of Saturday, July 15, chill and rains will be frequent in northern, northeastern and central regions of the country, as well as in the hill and mountain areas.

It will temporarily rain on Sunday and it will be chilly, with maximum of around 20 Celsius degrees, in most part of the country.

In Bucharest it will partially cloudy on Saturday, with the maximum temperatures climbing to 28 Celsius degrees, but rains are expected here, too on Sunday, with temperatures of no more than 22 Celsius degrees.

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