Church slams re-named People’s Salvation Cathedral on Google Maps as “People’s Nonsense Cathedral”


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Romanian Orthodox Patriarchy’s spokesperson, Vasile Bănescu, has retorted after the People’s Salvation Cathedral had been re-named on Google Maps as “Cathedral of Romanian People’s Nonsense”. “It is another evidence of some people’s hatred, who, willingly or not, end up in setting up several hard anti-Christian/anti-Orthodox ideological cores in Romania”.
The spokesperson of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) says this attitude is the expression of “a spiritual pathology”  that comes amid “a background already wired of serious intellectual gaps, of crass illiteracy and of an assumed progressive detachment from the immediate historical reality”.
Banescu calls those who changed the cathedral’s name on Google Maps “a few, but very active and vocal people, for whom the fascination of the atheist socialism’s utopia continues in new forms today”.

All those small and ridiculous self-improvised ideological cardboard gods are suicidally animated by the principle of destroying the personal and public moral order fed by Christianity. The Christ-phobia of some people who end up in amending on the sly the name of an Orthodox Church’s edifice on Google Maps, an edifice is erecting with the support of the Romanian State in the memory of all heroes of this Christian country’s history, shows a dangerous moral pathology that is already harming a lot Europe and the Christian civilized world“, Banescu said.

A day ago, the name of the People’s Salvation Cathedral has been changed on Google Maps in “Cathedral of Romanian People’s Nonsense”. It is not the first time the name of the cathedral is changed by the net users,as it has been previously called “the Cathedral of the Patriarch’s Pride” or “the Cathedral of Corrupt”.
Also known as National Redemption Cathedral, the edifice still under construction in Bucharest, has been targeted by criticism since the beginning of the construction works, with many criticising the state for allotting funds to the cathedral.

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