Ciolos’ ex-aide proposes fund to support “honest politics, journalism”

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PM Ciolos’ former adviser, Valeriu Nicolae, currently secretary of state with the Labour Ministry, proposed setting up a fund to support “honest people who want to go in for politics and journalism the way it should be”. Nicolae says that Dacian Ciolos, Andrei Plesu and Raluca Pruna are willing to be part of the managing council of the organization.

In a Facebook post, the secretary of state says that if “enough mini-moguls” will team up to donate the fund will be functional. Labour minister Dragos Pislaru was first to react to Nicolae’s post, saying he could count on him.

“(…) I have several ideas that I hope I can implement and I think we can use what we’ve learnt this year to do some things we really need. We can support honest people to go in for politics and journalism the way it should be. If we manage to team up, several mini-moguls, to set up a fund through which we can help, we could experiment a financing that should be operational in response to the rattish policy.

Dacian (Ciolos), Mr. Andrei Plesu, Raluca Pruna (minister of Justice) are three people whom I talked to and who would be willing to be part of the managing council of such a fund. There are about 40 of us willing to donate part of our wages on a monthly basis to finance some ideas that are cleverer than ours.

If we mange to be several hundreds, several thousands we can change the ratty political addictions, vuvuzela-like journalists, which have catastrophic effects. I say it’s worth trying. We should be minimum 200 to make this functional. Is anyone in?”, reads the post.


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