Civil servants threaten to protest in September


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The National Union of Civil Servants (SNFP) calls on the Government to get involved in enforcing the salaries of the staff paid from public funds according to negotiations, otherwise they warn that they will launch protest actions as of September.

According to a SNFP communiqué on Wednesday, civil servants from several ministries and their subordinated institutions do not benefit, according to the complexity of work, from the increase in the basic salary of 15%, and the reassignment of the staff to state public positions with the corresponding salary hasn’t been achieved for several categories of civil servants, informs.

The unionists claim that the public servants with the Finance Ministry, the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice, the Environment Ministry, the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, the Health Ministry, the National Health Insurance House and with the subordinated or coordinated institutions, the civil servants with the Ministry of Waters and Forests and the Justice Ministry.

At the Environment Ministry, the wages for similar public offices haven’t been equalled, and at the level of the Ministries of Sport, Transport and Culture, the payroll does not correspond with the professional training of employees.

At the same time, the document also states that the payroll for prefecture employees is not consistent with the complexity of the activity carried out and correlated with the other territorial institutions subordinated to the ministries, and with the local public administration – the mayoralties, county councils, there are major wage discrepancies between similar public offices, inconsistent with the Constitutional Court decisions.

“This situation preceding the conflict has prompted us to call for an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Mihai Tudose to identify solutions to prevent possible protest actions at the level of local and central public administration, in order to avoid removing the employees from the public administration by the public policies established by the Romanian Government,” SNFP leader Sebastian Oprescu said.




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