Cloud of Saharan dust is heading for Romania

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A huge cloud of Saharan dust is spreading across Europe, and in the next period it will also reach Romania.

The cloud comes mainly from Algeria and has already covered major areas of Spain, Switzerland, southern Italy, Malta and the western Mediterranean islands. On Monday, the wind pushed dust to northern Italy and southern France, and expects it to reach Ireland, reports.

On Wednesday, Romania would also be affected, especially in the West and in the center. The phenomenon will be gone on Saturday. According to Severe Weather, the Saharan dust cloud will also reach the northern part of the European continent, the UK and Ireland.

In the coming days, we can expect the sky to be darker than usual. A yellowish dust will be deposited on the exterior surfaces, which means we will find dust-covered cars in the morning. Also, the air quality we breathe will decrease until the cloud crosses Romania.

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