Cluj-Napoca City Hall buys electric buses with drive-by charge

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The city hall of Cluj-Napoca will buy 25 electric buses with drive-by charge, which are considered the most performing electric vehicles. The investment mounts to RON 115 million (almost EUR 25 million).

Cluj mayor Emil Boc says the municipality aims at improving the quality of air and at curbing greenhouse gases through this acquisition.

The Cluj-Napoca City Hall has decided to have an environment-friendly, green, non-polluting transport, for the health of the inhabitants must not be jeopardized. We are the only city in Romania that has electric buses on the roads and the local council has Okayed the acquisition of 25 electric buses with drive-by charge on the trolleybus lines. This type of vehicle combines the qualities of the trolleybus and of the electric bus. The investment mounts to RON 115.7 million, with 80% of the sum being provided by the Environment Fund Authority,” Boc stated.

The car park of Cluj-Napoca currently has 11 electric buses bought with Swiss funds. The city hall plans to buy 30 more such buses with EU funds.

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