Cluj-Napoca, the first Romanian city to use electric buses

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Cluj-Napoca will be the first city in Romania to have electric buses. 30 such electric vechicles are to be purchased with Swiss funds.

A Romanian-Magyar team embarked on a 80-day journey around the world in such a bus produced in Hungary using a Romanian soft to show that the vehicle can cope with the public transportation in a crowded city. The electric bus has travelled so far to Portugal, Canada, USA, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and now it got to Romania and made a stop in Cluj-Napoca.

The electric bus doesn’t pollute and can run up to 250 kilometers after being charged only three hours.

The bus uses -.61 kWh per kilometer. It’s double than what an electric car uses, but it transports 15% more passengers,” Jozsef Helmich, a member of the globetrotter team told Digi24.

He added that the purpose of their journey is to prove that electro mobility is not a technology of the future anymore, but it’s a present one and to show that now is the right moment to convince anyone to use electric vehicles.

The local authorities from Cluj-Napoca say they will buy the electric eco-friendly buses, which would be a first in Romania.

According to the Cluj Napoca city hall’s spokesperson, the acquisition of 30 electric buses is under way, using Swiss funds. The total cost mounts to around RON 71 M, with the first buses arriving in Cluj next year. The buses will go in the four most crowded routes in the city.

An electric bus is a bus powered by electricity. Seoul Metropolitan Government runs the world’s first commercial all-electric bus service. The buses have very predictable routes and need to stop regularly, every 3 miles (4.8 km), allowing opportunities for quick recharging. The trick is to turn some bus stops along the route into charging stations. At these stations, a collector on the top of the bus rises a few feet and touches an overhead charging line. Within a couple of minutes, the ultracapacitor banks stored under the bus seats are fully charged. The buses can also capture energy from braking, and the company says that recharging stations can be equipped with solar panels.

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