Cluj suggests new original Christmas lights: glowing works of art

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Cluj-Napoca, the city in central Transylvania known for its groundbreaking projects, is now coming into the limelight with a new such initiative. Tired of the way the city was lit during the winter holidays, several young locals have come up with the idea of having a different kind of Christmas lights in the city, namely to have glowing works of art scattered through the city.

A tree of generations activated by bicycles, an endless column, a red sun or the term „I miss you” are some of the tourist attractions through which the group of youngsters are trying to change the classic Christmas lights with lights hanging on the poles and garlands.

There are 14 light installations overall made by artists from Romania, Russia and the Netherlands, which have been placed in the city’s historical area, in the storefronts or in the Central Park. The spots have not been chosen at random, but every of them tells a story that is available through a guided tour. The circuit can be visited for the next 45 days until December 31.

The Tree of Light is made by Russian artists Leonid Tishkov and represents the links between generations. Every branch is activated by a bicycle while the light is flashing according to the intensity used by the tourists to pedal.

The installation made by Dutch artists Alaa Minawi, ““hand in hand”, is transposing the Romanian centennial in three chain-linked lives, grandparents, parents and children.

The“Endless Light Column” work is inspired by Constantin Brancusi’s “Endless Column”.

Another work of art has soon become the main magnet, the one which is called „I miss you”.

So, if you plan traveling to Cluj these days or by the end of this year, don’t miss the light works of art.

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