CNATDCU notified by newspaper on PM Mihai Tudose’s PhD thesis. A second plagiarism suspected


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The newspaper ‘Romania libera’ will file a notification to the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) in the case of the PhD thesis signed by PM Mihai Tudose, the paper’s editorial director Sabin Orcan has announced on Monday.

“As we have understood no one is eager to tackle the issue of plagiarism for the man in charge of the government, I announce that ‘Romania libera’ will file in the coming days an official notification to CNATDCU in Tudose’s case,” journalist Sabin Orcan wrote in his Facebook page.

According to the paper, one quarter of Mihai Tudose’s PhD thesis, about 50 pages, was copied from another PhD thesis written in 2009 by Chief Commissioner Radu Andriciuc at the ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ Police Academy. Andriciuc has admitted some parts were copied in Tudose’s PhD thesis as Tudose bought his PhD work.

“Mr. Tudose contacted me and I gave him the property rights, as for any commodity. It was 2008 and I had some financial problems, you remember what happened to the state employees, in addition my son was to have the baccalaureate exam. It was a few thousand euros,” the Chief Commissioner is quoted as saying.

A second plagiarism?

The newspaper, in an exclusive feature, also notes that Mihai Tudose committed academic malpractice in a book published by him in 2009, as 220 of the 368 pages (60%) are suspected of plagiarism. The book was published at the National Information Academy Publishing House under the authority of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). Tudose was, at the time of publishing the book, doctoral student with the institution.

The other authors of the book were Gheorghe Toma and Ştefan Teodoru, heads of SRI Academy, and Severin Florian Lungu, former head of SRI Braila. They copied even from one of the most famous books of the last century, “The Shock of the Future” by Alvin Toffler, informs.

This is the second suspicion of plagiarism for Tudose after the doctoral thesis. In that case, the PSD politician tacitly acknowledged the violation of academic rules, submitting last year a request to renounce the title of doctor, the paper reads.


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