CNATDCU: Petre Tobă and Florentin Pandele have not plagiarised

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Petre Toba (photo 1) and Florentin Pandele (photo 2) have not plagiarised – this is the verdict given by the working group of the Appeal Commission of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates (CNATDCU) which analyzed the doctoral theses of the two, but the final decision regarding suspected plagiarism will belong to the CNATDCU General Council, consisting of 47 university professors and academicians, which will meet next week, Mirabela Amarandei, spokesman for the Ministry of Education has told

Petre Tobaflorntin pandele, outgoing Interior Minister , presented his doctorate paper in 2011, a work entitled ‘The Romanian Police – Force of stability and security. Optimizing the management of international cooperation in combating unconventional threats’ under the direction of General Anghel Andreescu, the former head of Gendarmerie.

Florentin Pandele, the mayor of Voluntari, Ilfov County, presented his doctorate paper in military science in 2008 entitled ‘Romania and the new challenges posed by European integration’, having as coordinator former Brigadier General University Prof. Dr. Vasile Michail Ozunu, director of the National Defence College and former state secretary with the Defence Ministry during the mandate of Gabriel Oprea. As disclosed by ‘Press One’, Florentin Pandele is the holder of two doctorates.

Florentin Pandele has two PhD titles from the doctoral school of Carol I National Defence University, an institution that, during the analysis of suspected plagiarism on the two papers, has requested CNATDCU to maintain the PhD titles for both.

Minister Petre Toba resigned on Thursday as interior minister to avoid getting the Interior Ministry mired in a public scandal ahead of the general election. Previously, Prime Minister Ciolos said it would be best for Interior Minister Toba to step down.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors requested on Thursday the President of Romania to agree on the start of prosecution against Interior Minister Petre Toba, accused of favouring the offender in the file regarding corruption at the Intelligence and Internal Protection (DIPI) with the Interior Ministry (MAI).


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