CNCD notified over PSD MP Adrian Solomon’s discriminating statements against fast-food seller

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The National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) has been notified on the statements made by PSD lawmaker Adrian Solomon who offended a fast-food seller who had asked the MP to put on a face mask inside the restaurant, the CNCD president Csaba Asztalos told Solomon has also made a scandal and had an argument with the policemen who came on the premises.

According to video camera recording, Adrian Solomon told the seller who was a foreign citizen: “Yo, Mustafa, you are in Romania here. Hello, Mustafa! Show me you have a working permit here! Yo, tramp!, the PSD MP said.

Later on, two police officers came on the premises, called by the fast-food restaurant’s security guards. After that Solomon told the officers: “You are not interested if this one has a working permit here in Romania, but you ask me to wear a face mask? Aren’t you ashamed for asking me for my ID card when I order a shawarma? Show me this one’s green card. He asks me for my mask, you should ask him to show his green card”.

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