Code orange alert for freezing cold to invade Romania in the last days of winter. Heavy snowfalls also expected

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The National Meteorological Administration has issued on Saturday a code orange alert for frost targeting Moldavia, eastern Transylvania, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobruja, valid as of Monday morning.  Overall, 22 counties will be under the code orange warning for freezing cold.

Meteorologists warned that minimum temperatures will climb down up to minus 22C, while the maximum ones will range from minus 12C to minus 8C. The cold wave has started to seize the entire country as of Saturday night to Sunday and is expected to last until Thursday, March 1, at 10:00.

Therefore, temperatures will fall below zero in all areas, and it will be the coldest during morning and at night, at the beginning in the northern half of the country. There will be code yellow alert for cold in 13 out of the 41 counties, namely Maramures, Salaj, Satu Mare, Bistrita Nasaud, Bihor, Cluj, Mures, Arad, Alba, Timis, Hunedoara, Caras-Severin with the code orange grabbing the rest of the territory.

Snow showers will prevail in Muntenia (Bucharest included), Oltenia, southern Banat and Dorbuja, as well as in the Southern and Curvature Carpathians. The wind will blow with 40-50kmph in most of the regions, and with 55-65kmph in the southeast

According to the weather forecast, Bucharest and 27 counties in Moldavia, eastern Transylvania, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobruja will be under a code orange warning for freeze, both at night, and during the day, from February 26, 03:00 through March 1, 10:00.

Heavy snowfalls are also expected to join the cold wave.

“Starting Monday morning, snow showers will become abundant and in the south and south-east; blowing snow is expected especially in Muntenia, Dobruja and southern Moldavia. The National Meteorological Administration will update its warnings on Sunday, February 25, to account for the latest developments and intensity of these phenomena.”

The Interior Ministry has asked the prefectures in all counties to take due actions and support the populations during the duration of the codes orange and yellow for frost, also advising people to avoid long rides and to be equipped with proper warm clothes and footwear.

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