Code Orange for heavy rains and cold in Bucharest, 10 other counties till Saturday

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The National Meteorology Administration has issued a Code Yellow and a Code Orange alert for heavy rainfalls and low temperatures in several regions of Romania. According to ANM, Bucharest and ten other counties are under a Code Orange alert of bad weather till Saturday.

Starting at 13.00 on Thursday – 14.00 on Saturday, meteorologists issued a Code Yellow for rain valid in certain areas. In Oltenia, Muntenia, locally in the south of Banat and in Dobrogea, as well as in the Southern and Curvature Carpathians, it will rain on large areas and will accumulate quantities of water that will exceed 25 … 35 l / sqm and on restricted areas 35 … 40 l / mp.

In the southern regions the wind will intensify, with speeds of 45 … 55 km / h.

In the second part of Thursday and in the night from Thursday to Friday in the Southern Carpathians and in the Curvature Carpathians, at altitudes higher than 1700 m, snow will predominate and a layer of snow will be deposited.

In the same interval, on Thursday 13.00 – Saturday at 14.00, in the counties of Teleorman, Olt, Giurgiu, Călărași, Dolj, Ilfov and Bucharest and especially in the southern half of Argeș, Dâmbovița, Vâlcea and Gorj counties it will rain heavily and will accumulate amounts of water in general of 40 … 60 l / sqm.

The weather is getting particularly cold in the Capital. The special weather forecast announces rain, wind and temperatures of up to 10 degrees. Meteorologists announce from Thursday at 13.00 until Saturday at 14.00 the closed and particularly cold weather for the middle of October in the Capital. It will rain temporarily and will accumulate amounts of water in general of 35 … 45 l / sqm. The wind gusts will be moderate, with some intensifications, especially during Fridays and Saturdays (October 15 and 16), when speeds of 45 … 55 km / h will be reached. There will be highs around 10 degrees and lows of 7 … 9 degrees.

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