Code Red for heat wave extended on Sunday in 2 counties. Code Orange and Code Yellow reign rest of Romania. Storms expected

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Meteorologists have extended the Red Code warning for heat wave on Sunday only for two counties, Dolj and Mehedinti. Two thirds of the country stands under Code Orange and Code Yellow warnings.

According to the National Meteorology Administration (ANM) the heat wave will stay on Sunday, whereas thermal discomfort will exceed the 80 THI units. Lows will be between 22-25 degrees Celsius.

In the counties of Dolj and Mehedinti temperatures will reach highs of 40-41C.

In the rest of the country temperatures will range between 36-39C, much above the average temperatures in August.

Torrential rains, storms and hail are expected on the night of Sunday to Monday, mainly in the mountains, in the north-west and north of Romania and on Monday in northern territories.

The temperatures will remain high next week as well, mainly in the plains.

More than 500 phone calls for medical care in Bucharest. Man dies in Iasi

A man died in Iasi due to exposure to extreme heat. He was found in the field with 42C body temperature. Another men in Iasi has been hospitalized after working in the field, health diagnosis is reserved.

According to ANM a record was set at Baile Herculane (south-western Romania) of 39.8C, the highest temperature there in the past 50 years.

In Bucharest more than 500 people have phoned requesting medical care due to the heat wave. 67 of them received medical care in the street.

“We received no less than 554 calls since Friday. 312 of them were code red and code yellow emergencies, 67 were in the street, of which 17 faints and 13 syncope,” Manager of the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance, Alice Grasu, said.

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