Code yellow alert for rainstorms for 25 counties

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Weathermen have issued two code yellow alerts, one valid in 25 counties and another in Bucharest and other ten counties from Monday to Tuesday.

The first warning, in force in most part of Transylvania, Moldavia, northern Oltenia and the northern half of Muntenia, will involve instability in the atmosphere, showers, torrential rains, thunderstorms, strong wind and hail. Falls will exceed 20-25l/sqm and even 40-50l/sqm in some areas.

The code yellow alert is in force in Maramureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Harghita, Mureş, Braşov, Covasna, Sibiu, Alba, Cluj, Caraş Severin, Hunedoara, Prahova, Dâmboviţa, Argeş, Buzău, Vâlcea, Mehedinţi, Gorj, Suceava, Neamţ, Bacău, Vaslui, Vrancea, Galaţi and Brăila counties, today, July 22, from 13:00hrs until 18:00hrs.

A now casting code orange alert has been issued for Alba county on Monday, with falls expected to reach 30 liters per square meter.The second code yellow alert is targeting Bucharest and ten other counties: Argeş, Teleorman, Dâmboviţa, Giurgiu, Prahova, Buzău, Vrancea, Brăila, Ialomiţa and Călăraşi, valid as of Monday, at 18:00hrs through Tuesday, 06:00hrs. The warning refers to torrential rains, thunderstorms, storms and hail.

Special weather forecast for Bucharest

At the same time, meteorologists have issued a special weather forecast for Bucharest, warning that the heat wave will alternate with scattered showers and thunderstorms.

According to the National Meteorology Administration, there will be heat in Bucharest, with the maximum temperature climbing to 35C and the minimum one ranging from 19C to 20C.

However, there will be also rain showers, thunderstorms, strong wind and possible hail.

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