Code Yellow alert for heatwave in force, tropical nights in some regions

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The Code Yellow alert for heatwave has come into force countrywide on Sunday, with meteorologists warning temperatures will climb to 38C in the shade. In some areas, there will be tropical nights.

The heatwave will persist and increase particularly on Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13 in all low hill and plateau areas, where the thermal discomfort will be high and the temperature-moisture index will exceed the critical threshold of 80 units.

Maximum temperatures will range from 33C to 36C, higher up to 37C-38C in the southwestern Romania on Sunday, and in the western, northwestern and southern regions on Monday and Tuesday.

In some areas, there will be tropical nights with minimum temperatures not climbing below 20C.

The scorching heat will seize Bucharest as well, with maximum temperatures mounting to 35C-36C.

The maximum temperature will range from 34C to 35C on Sunday, August 11, and it will increase up to 36C on Monday and Tuesday. The minimum temperature will range from 18C to 22C.

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