Code Yellow and weather warning for storms countrywide


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Meteorologists have issued on Tuesday weather warning for storms countrywide, but also a Code Yellow for tempest that will affect nearly three-quarters of the country.

The meteorological warning comes into force Tuesday evening at 20:00h and ends on Wednesday at 14:00h. In the mentioned period, there will be periods of increased atmospheric instability in Maramures, northern Moldavia, in Transylvania, Crisana and Banat, as well as in the Eastern Carpathians and Apuseni Mountains. Rainfalls will also be torrential, electric discharges will take place and wind intensifications that could turn into tempest and hail conditions.

Also, meteorologists have issued a Code Yellow for storms valid for almost three quarters of the country. It enters into force on Wednesday at 14:00h and ends at 08:00h Friday morning.

During this interval, in Banat, Crisana, Oltenia, Maramures, Transylvania, the western part of Muntenia and in mountain areas, the atmospheric instability will be high and torrential rain, frequent electric discharges, storms and hail are expected.

The quantities of water will exceed 25 litres per sqm and on local areas 60-80 l/sqm mainly in the southwest and in the mountainous areas. In the rest of the territory, such phenomena will occur on small areas, especially during Thursday, June 14.


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