Code Yellow for rainfall in more than half the country, cooler weather during the weekend

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The meteorologists have issued on Friday a Code Yellow warning in the western half of the country, about wind intensification, significant rainfall and atmospheric instability this weekend, and a steep cooling on Sunday.

As of Saturday morning, March 31, in Banat, Crişana, Maramureş, and then most of Transylvania and on the night of Saturday to Sunday, on local areas and in Oltenia, the wind will reach speeds of 55-60 km/h, temporarily 65-75 km/h.

In the mountains, especially in the Southern Carpathians, at altitudes above 1,500 m, the wind gusts will exceed 80-100 km/h.

In these regions, as of the second part of Saturday, rainfall will expand and intensify, so that in short intervals or by accumulation, the water amounts will reach15-25 litres/sqm and 30-40 l/sqm in the west and northwest. Electric discharges and hail conditions probable.

On Saturday, the weather will be warmer than usual for this part of the year, but on Sunday the temperatures will drop significantly, by 10-12 degrees C. In the mountains, on Sunday, rain will turn into sleep and snow, in the Eastern Carpathians a new layer of snow will be set in the evening.

Also on Sunday, in Muntenia, Dobrogea and Moldavia the wind will reach speeds of 45-55 km/h, up to 60 km/h in short intervals, rainfall and discharges will be registered. On small areas the water quantities will reach 15 litres/sqm. The weather will be cooler than on Saturday, with temperatures at the normal level for April 1.

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