Code Yellow for snowfall and blizzard in the mountains

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The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) has issued on Sunday a Code Yellow warning for blizzard and snowfall to come into force as of Monday in the mountainous areas.

The code will be in force during 2.00h-21.00h.

The wind will get stronger, mainly in the high areas of Southern Carpathians, to reach 90-100 km/h. Snow and blizzard will affect the regions and visibility will drop significantly. Moderate snowfall is expected in Maramures and in northern and eastern Transylvania.

In the rest of the country, during December 23-25, rainfall is expected, with high changes to lead to glazed frost as temperatures drop.

The rain will start falling extensively in the second part of the night of Sunday to Monday, in the western, northern and central regions in quantities of 10-15 litres per square metres and on isolated areas of 25 litres per square metre.

In central, eastern and southern Romania glazed frost is likely and on the night of Monday to Tuesday will turn into icy surfaces.

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