Code Yellow for storms and heavy rain in half the country. Unstable weather Saturday and Sunday

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The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) has issued a Code Yellow warning for high atmospheric instability and significant rainfalls, valid in about half of the country as of Saturday 15:00h, until 04:00h Sunday morning. Atmospheric instability will be high tomorrow at noon and until Sunday night in most of the country.

According to the Code Yellow, temporarily the atmospheric instability will be high in the mountainous areas of Oltenia, Transylvania, Maramures and Northern Crişana on Saturday afternoon (April 27) and on the night of Saturday to Sunday (27/28 April).

Torrential rain, frequent electric discharges, storms and hail are expected. The water quantities could exceed 25-30 litres per square metre and 35-40 l/sq on isolated areas.

The ANM has also issued meteorological information on atmospheric instability, valid as of Saturday at 12.00h to 18.00h on Sunday – tornadoes, electric discharge, wind gusts and hail on small areas.

Water quantities will exceed 15-25 l/sqm in short periods of time or by accumulation. Such phenomena will be more common during the afternoon of Saturday (April 27) and during the night of Saturday to Sunday (27/28 April) in the western half of the country and ion small areas in the other regions, and on Sunday (April 28), locally, mainly in the hilly and mountainous areas, as well as in northern, north-eastern and central regions.

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