Code Yellow for strong winds exceeding 100 km/h. Bucharest faces 60 km/h wind gusts

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The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) has issued on Tuesday a Code Yellow warning for almost the entire country, for strong wind with gusts exceeding 100 km/h. In Bucharest wind will reach 55-60 km/h.

ANM informs that the affected counties are Vaslui, Galaţi, Mehedinţi, Vâlcea, Olt, Gorj, Dolj, Bacău, Botoşani, Iaşi, Vrancea, Cluj, Sălăj and Satu Mare, with further warnings for Bucharest and the counties of Braşov, Alba, Mureş, Sibiu, Ialomiţa, Prahova, Argeş, Giurgiu, Dâmboviţa, Teleorman, Ilfov, Călăraşi.

Later in the afternoon the winds will reach the counties of Constanţa, Tulcea, Suceava şi Neamţ.

In the high altitude regions in Transylvania and Moldavia the wind gusts have exceeded 100 km/h whereas in the low areas the winds reach 55-65 km/h.


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