Cold weather, wind and rainfalls in the weekend. Snowfalls in the mountains


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Romania is under an extreme cold weather alert in the upcoming three days, with strong wind and rainfalls in store, as well as snowfalls in the mountain areas.

The alert will be valid until Monday morning and covers the whole country. During this time, the weather will be particularly cold for this time of year. Today’s highs will range from 9 to 17 degrees. Also today and at night it will rain on large areas in the southern half, and completely isolated in the rest.

Over the weekend, the rains will appear in the west and southwest, where significant amounts of water will be collected, up to 35 l / sqm.

In the mountains, especially on the ridges of the Southern Carpathians, snow will predominate, and in some places a layer of snow will be deposited.

The wind will intensify throughout the country, but in the western massifs, in the south of Banat and on the coast there will be gusts of up to 70 km / h. In the rest of the mountainous area, in the southern and south-eastern regions, it will reach speeds of 40-60 km / h.

Some particularly cold days and cloudy sky are announced in the Capital, as well. The maximum temperatures will be no more than 13 Celsius degrees. The wind will continue to blow at speeds of 50km / h, and in the evening it will rain lightly.

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