Colectiv fire: 62 patients still admitted in hospitals, 14 in critical situation, 5 discharged

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Health ministry announced on Friday morning that 62 patients injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire were admitted in Bucharest hospitals. 14 of them are in critical situation, while five have been discharged in the past two days.

Among the discharged persons, four left the hospital on Thursday and one on Wednesday: a patient from “St. Ioan” Hospital, two patients from “St. Pantelimon” Hospital and two from the Universitar Hospital.

37 patients have been transferred to more hospitals abroad, but eight of them passed away- three in Great Britain, one in Israel, two in the Netherlands, one on his way to Switzerland and one to France.

Two weeks ago, a fire was bursting at ‘Colectiv’ nightclub in Bucharest killing 26 persons on the spot. Another person died on the way to hospital. Other 27 persons died later on in the 13 days after the tragedy, with the death toll peaking to 54.

All of them were young people aged 15 to 40, while among the victims there were artists, musicians, journalists, photographers, architects, corporates students (two foreign students who came under Erasmus program in Romania) and high school pupils.

Four members of the rock, which was launching its latest album that night in the nightclub, also died. The only survivor is the ‘Goodbye to Gravity’ lead vocalist, Andrei Galuț, who has been transferred to a hospital in the Netherlands in critical condition.

Among the last band’s members who died is 33-year-old Alexandru Pascu, the bass singer of the band and the only son of Ana Pascu, vice-president of the International Fencing Federation and honorary president of the Romanian Fencing Federation.

Alex Pascu will be buried on Sunday at Izvorul Nou Cemetery in Bucharest, with his family appealing to the mass media’s decency and discretion during the funeral.

TV channesl fines or summoned for reports on Colectiv tragedy

Several TV channels have been fined by the National Audiovisual Council (CNA) on Thursday for the way they reported the ‘Colectiv’ tragedy, others just summoned.

Digi 24 TV got the highest fine, RON 10,000, CNA arguing that, unlike other TV channels, it aired an open letter written by a so-called witness of the tragedy and addressed to Raed Arafat and the Commandment for Emergency Situations, in which the authorities were slammed for not intervening in due time to save the fire’s victims. Digi 24 aired the entire open letter on November 2, during three newscasts, without presenting the stances of the criticized authorities, as the audiovisual law stipulates.

On the other hand, Romania TV and Kanal D have been publicly summoned for reporting excessive images with the aggrieved families of the Colectiv fire’s victims.

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