Colectiv fire: Patients admitted in Bucharest hospitals to enter the medical rehabilitation stage

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Those 27 patients injured in the Colectiv fire, still admitted in Bucharest hospitals, will be re-assessed by a specialist committee of the Health Ministry for the next recovery stage. If their condition allows and their families agree, the patients could undergo the medical rehabilitation abroad, on the Romanian state’s expense.

“This mixed medical committee will analyze every case among the admitted and discharged patients to set a proper schedule for the medical rehabilitation. The hospitals that will provide this rehabilitation treatment are also settled. At the same time, the medical rehabilitation program will be included in a comprehensive program of psychological and social assistance, which will be available both for the patient and for his family,” said Dorel Săndesc, secretary of state within the Health Ministry.

“We have one-week deadline to analyze all files. We settled the centers for the recovery: Floreasca, Bagdasar, the Hospital for Burnt, Elias. The transfer decision is no referring to all patients, but if they all need to be transferred, they will,” said psychiatrist Gabriel Diaconu.

On the other hand good news are coming from Israel. Cătălin Ilnițchi, seriously injured in the fire, is now out of harm’s way, with his pipes burns and lung infection being “settled”. According to Cătălin’s mother, who is staying with ghim in Israel, he started to talk and walk.

Photographer Cătălin Ilnițchi was seriously injured in the deadly blaze. When the fire burst out, he was standing right near the stage where Goodbye to Gravity band was performing. He was admitted to Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest in critical condition.

Subsequently, he was transferred at Sheba – Tel Hashomer hospital in Israel.

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