Colectiv, one-year commemoration: Over 5,000 people joined the march of silence for the fire’s victims

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Over 5,000 people joined the march of silence in the memory of the Colectiv fire victims on Sunday when one year since the tragedy is commemorated.

The people, among whom there were also relatives of those who died or survivors of the tragic fire, gathered in the Universitate Square and headed to the HQs of the former nightclub.

People came first thing in the morning at the venue to lit candles and lay flowers in the memory of those 64 youngsters who died on the day of the blast or later on in hospitals due to serious burns or to the nosocomial infections.

President Klaus Iohannis, Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, politicians and ambassadors came to the tragedy’s scene.

President Klaus Iohannis laid a wreath of flowers on Sunday morning.

“We have the duty to never let this tragedy go. We have the duty to commemorate it, to never forget those innocent who died here in the Colectiv club. But at the same time, we have the duty to do our best for those who were here and survived. There are 128 injured, people who need not only compassion, they need treatment, counseling, they need empathy and we owe them to take care of these things,” President Iohannis said.

“I would have wanted to yet know who is to blame for the at terriable accident after one year,” Iohannis stated later on, adding that after the Colectiv tragedy our society has changed and people became more aware.

PM Dacian Ciolos also came at the scene of the tragedy on Sunday evening, carrying a large bunch of flowers and lighting a candle in the memory of the victims. He stated that the change that we are all asking for must come from each of us and that changing our mentalities is the hardest thing to do. The premier says there are a lot of to be changed, including at the government and administration level, while remarking that some things, covered so far, came to surface, willy, nilly. “Changing our mentalities is the hardest thing to do, including the way we react this night. May God forgive those who passed away, I wish those who remained the ability of forgive and good, speedy health and may God give us the wisdom to understand something of everything that is happening,” PM Ciolos said.

In her message, Crown Princess Margareta of Romania called on us to keep the victims’ memory alive and to respect the gift of life, and the people around us.

“Let’s remember the fire’s victims today and let’s keep their memory alive! Let’s learn from the pain which united us and showed how important is to respect the one next to you and God’s gift that is life,” said the Crown Princess in a press release.

US ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm also went to the Colectiv club on Sunday, to lay flowers and to keep a moment of silence in the memory of the dead. The American ambassador said it is time to remember those who lost their life in a tragedy that could have been prevented, but from which emerged the hope in a country without corruption.

The UK ambassador in Bucharest Paul Brummell joined the march of silence, also expressing solidarity with the Romanians. Later on, the British envoy tweeted photos from the march, also posting a short message of compassion with all those affected by the tragedy.

The Colectiv GTG 31010 association on Sunday inaugurated the monument in the square in front of the former club, erected in the memory of the victims.

Eugen Iancu, the leader of the association, father of one young man who died following the fire, appealed to politicians, asking them to not go in for politics at the one-year commemoration.

“I am asking the TV channels, and especially the politicians, regardless of their position, to not go in for politics. Today, October 30, we are the only people who have the right to go in for politics, we, the beneficiaries of you politics in the past 26 years, we, the Colectiv’s victims,” Iancu posted on Facebook.

No injured still hospitalized

No injured person in the Colectiv fire is admitted in hospital at present, with the last patient being discharged from the Military Hospital in Brussels on October 19. However, 27 of the injured youngsters are still going for interventions and treatment to the hospitals, among whom there is also Andrei Galut, the only survivor of the Goodbye to Gravity rock band which was performing in the club that fatidic night.

“No injured person is admitted any hospital here in Romania abroad, I mean continuous hospitalization. They go to the hospital for various surgeries, skin transplants, kinetotherapy, recovering treatment, with all being discounted by the state,” the Health Ministry’s spokesperson Valentin Popescu told Mediafax.

Goodbye to Gravity was realeasing their new album “Mantras of War” at the Colectiv club on October 30, 2015.

Four members of the band Mihai Alexandru, Vlad Ţelea, Bogdan Lavinius Enache and Alex Pascu died on the spot, or some of them later on in hospitals.

Andrei Galut was the only survivor, but suffered burns on 45% of his body (hands, face and shoulder), pipe burns and severe smoke intoxication. He was initially admitted to Elias Hospital in Bucharest in severe condition, then transferred to the Netherlands at Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis – Beverwijk Ward and after that to a clinic in Germany for physicaly recovery. Andrei also lost his girlfriend into the fire.

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