Colectiv tragedy: 50 patients still hospitalized, 13 in critical and serious condition, 30 injured admitted to hospitals abroad

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50 patients injured in the Colectiv fire are still admitted to Romanian hospitals. Eight are in critical condition and five in serious condition, while 37 are stabilized. 30 patients are hospitalized abroad, interim PM Sorin Cimpeanu informed on Tuesday.

He mentioned that out of the eight patients in critical condition, three of them are hospitalized at Floreasca medical unit, one at Elias, one at “CC Iliescu” Institute, two at “St. Ioan” Hospital and one at the Hospital for Burnt.

The death toll mounted to 56 on Monday, after an 18-year-old girl died at “St.Ioan” Hospital.

Regarding the patients transferred abroad, for now the operations have been halted until the patients get more stabilized. The last patient transported abroad was 29yo Ionut Liviu Popescu, who was transferred to AKH Vienna in Austria on Friday with an aircraft of the General Aviation Inspectorate.

37 injured patients have been transported to other medical units abroad during all this time, but nine of them died: three in UK, one in Israel, two in the Netherlands, one in Germany, one on the way to France and one on the way to Switzerland.

Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where some of the Colectiv fire injured have been transferred, made a Romanian version of its website available for the patients’ relatives.

Information reads that only first-grade relatives can visit the Romanian patients and only after a phone appointment. “If you are not a direct family member of the victims, then you can send a post card. Flowers and other gifts are not accepted as they might cause infections,” the website reads.

The victims’ relatives can also check on the website information about the patients’ treatment, but also a phone number of Romania’s Embassy to the Netherlands.

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