Companies set up by Bucharest City Hall have to be disbanded, Bucharest Court of Appeals rejects request from General Council

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The Bucharest Court of Appeals rejected, Tuesday evening, the request for the review of the ruling by which the companies set up by the Bucharest City Hall were set up by violating of the law. The ruling is final.

USR member of the General Council of Bucharest City Hall, Ana Ciceala, explained for the consequences of the decision. She argues that Mayor General Gabriela Firea should observe the ruling and enforce the final ruling issued by the court on November 22, 2018.

“The courts confirm for the third time that Gabriela Firea has illegally set up the companies which spent EUR 600 million of Bucharesters’ money. I urge the Mayor General to observe the law and immediately disband these companies! The money spent and the patrimony should urgently return to the City Hall. The municipal companies must be disbanded!” Ciceala said.

She stressed the municipal companies continue to spend hundreds of millions of euros of citizens’ money.

However, it remains to be seen when the new Administrative Code will be published by the Official Gazette, adopted by the Government on Tuesday, which would allow Gabriela Firea to get the vote of the Council General regarding the municipal companies, by majority of votes (instead of two thirds).

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