Condition of the Romanian woman injured in London still serious, slightly improved yet

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The condition of the Romanian young woman injured in the Westminster attack in London has seen “some positive evolutions”, Romania’s Embassy in UK announced on Friday.

The woman was practically thrown away from the bridge in the Thames when the attacker drove his car into the crowd on the Westminster bridge and was saved by the rescue teams. She has suffered a brain surgery to remove a cruor. She survived the intervention, she had multiple injuries and had problems related to the lung functioning.

Her partner was slightly injured on the leg and was discharged.

The embassy’s press release appeals to respecting the private life of the injured couple and their intimacy.

The Romanian citizen injured in the incident was discharged and he is out of danger, while his partner is under medical surveillance. Her condition, although still serious, is stable, with some positive evolutions being registered. Romania’s Embassy together with the British authorities are providing the family with all necessary assistance. Romania’s Embassy is using this opportunity to inform the audience and the mass media about the family’s request to respect its intimacy and right to private life in these extremely difficult moments,” reads the embassy’s press release.

The Romanian representation to the UK added that further information related to the patient’s condition will be released only with the family’s consent.

Andrei Burnaz and Andreea Cristea from Constanta (southeastern Romania) were on the Westminster Bridge when the attacker drove his car into the crowd. Andreea Cristea is an architect and Andrei Burnaz an engineer. A friend of the man disclosed that Andrei planned to propose Andreea during their trip to London.

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