Constitutional Court rejects USR-PNL referral on GEO to operationalize the section for investigating magistrates

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The Constitutional Court has rejected on Wednesday the PNL and USR notification regarding the law approving the Emergency Ordinance no. 90/2018 on certain measures for the operationalization of the Section for the Investigation of Offenses in the judicial system.

The objection of unconstitutionality was formulated by a number of 92 MPs belonging to the Parliamentary Group of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Parliamentary Group of the Save Romania Union (USR).

In December 2018, the Save Romania Union together with the National Liberal Party challenged to the Constitutional Court the Emergency Ordinance no.90/2018 on the establishment of the Special Section for the Investigation of Magistrates.

The two parties have identified four reasons for unconstitutionality in adopting the ordinance.

Firstly, they consider that the three mandatory conditions justifying the adoption of an emergency ordinance – namely the existence of an extraordinary situation, the impossibility of postponing its settlement and the appropriate motivation for the emergency – are not met.

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