Constitutional Court rules that the salary increase for Transport Ministry employees is unconstitutional

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The Constitutional Court (CCR) has ruled on Wednesday that the law approving the Government Emergency Ordinance 68/2015, whereby the basic salaries of the staff of the Ministry of Transport were increased by 57.5% is unconstitutional, but upheld the granting of an additional 15% rise for PhD holders.

“We have admitted the notification that refers to Ordinance 68/2015, the endorsement law, the text by which 23 wage classes more were granted to the employees in the Ministry of Transport, as the government had criticized it, and we believe it is unconstitutional because it creates discrimination in relation to other categories of officials in the same situation. We believe it was a violation of Article 16 of the Constitution regarding equal rights,” CCR Chairman Valer Dorneanu said at the end of the sitting.

The provisions of the law by which the government emergency ordinance 68/2015 was approved, declared unconstitutional, were challenged to the CCR by the Government on July 11. The disputed amendment proposes to increase basic salaries of the Ministry of Transport staff by 23 successive wage classes against the current one, namely a salary increase of 57.5% as of September 1, 2016. The law had been adopted by Parliament on June 28, 2016.

On the other hand, the CCR judges have rejected another Government complaint, which provides, inter alia, the granting to the state employees who possess the scientific title of doctor (PhD) an increase by 15% of the basic salary, if their activity is in the field for which they obtained the diploma.


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